Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alright fuck that last post, I'm switching shit up.

Alright, so I have decided to ditch that silly post an album a day blog, and am doing something entirely different.  I recently went out and got some Unbraded raw denim and am only two weeks or so into wearing them.  I will start doing a at least weekly pic on these to track progress.  Hope someone is interested in this...

pictures in following days.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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First post for this blog, decided to start off with talking about one of my all time favorite albums.

Hella - Hold Your Horse Is

My take:  Has some of the most mind blowing drummer of all time in rock.  Zach Hill (drummer) shows incredible promise in this debut as one of the most intriguing drummers to come onto the music scene this century.  Spencer Seim (guitarist) shows himself as not a virtuoso quite like Zach Hill, but a more "wizard" of the guitar and working with Zach Hill's incredibly intricate, fast, and incredibly melodic drum work.

Go buy this CD!  Serious classic!